Aryana Young

Aryana Young


Aryana Young is a graduate from New Mexico Connections Academy. She became interested in the school because she is a competitive gymnast and needed the flexibility to work at her own pace. Aryana was also a year ahead of her age-group peers and wanted the ability to work at her own academic level. She shares her story below:

“New Mexico Connections Academy worked well for me. I liked how the resources are quick and easy to get to. I enjoyed being able to choose from a variety of elective courses while being challenged. I love photography because it allows me to express myself through images. I also loved taking American Sign Language (ASL) because it was amazing to be able to see another culture.

My relationship with my teachers was always kind and professional. I could contact them easily and have enjoyed getting to know them through LiveLesson sessions, emails, and phone calls. I was previously enrolled in an online homeschool program, but I feel the Connections Academy curriculum was a much better fit for my personal needs. New Mexico Connections Academy also has more LiveLesson sessions for the kids to learn from."

"I like Connections Academy because it allowed me the time to work through all my classes at my own pace. It also provided me many opportunities to connect with my teachers."

— Aryana

Aryana playing piano