Nicholas Casebier

High School

Nicholas Casebier is a high school student at Minnesota Connections Academy. His brother, Wyatt, also attends MNCA. Nicholas was interested in an online school system that would allow him to work at his own pace or work ahead of the regular lessons. His story is below:

“My favorite subject is art because it helps me learn other ways to explore my creativity. The LiveLesson sessions are really helpful. They let you chat with the teacher and other students so that you can build on each other’s ideas. I feel like I have a good teacher–student relationship. I can relate especially well with Mr. Sanko, because we are both gamers who enjoy the same kinds of games.

I’m passionate about video games and piano. The flexible schedule lets me move my schoolwork around so that I can complete piano practice or participate in a video game tournament and still get my schoolwork done. Connections Academy is different from traditional school in that I stay at home, rather than going to a building multiple miles away. Every day is pajama day, and I can work at my own pace without worrying about getting behind.

My favorite part about Connections Academy is being challenged while working at my own pace in a comfortable environment.

— Nicholas

I used to go to a traditional school and have lots of friends. We stay in touch using Skype, Google Hangout, and the telephone. We also get together to just hang out sometimes. I still have those friends, but I now have more friends from Connections Academy. I can socialize with my Connections Academy friends more often with email and LiveLesson sessions and can still meet up with them during field trips.”

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