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Wendy Ambrose

Middle School Math Teacher

Associate of Applied Science, Marine Biology and Oceanography, Southern Maine Community College; Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Southern Maine; Master of Science in Education, Teaching and Leadership, University of Southern Maine


Wendy Ambrose has over a decade of teaching experience. She currently teaches Math 7 and Algebra Readiness. Mrs. Ambrose joined Maine Connections Academy in 2020. She shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

I always wanted to be a teacher but found myself in long term health care. I used to be a trainer and where I worked, I had the flexibility in schedule to return to school to fulfill the dream. It really is never too late.

The Online School Experience

I think that the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with students on a regular basis during the school day is such a bonus! It gives us a chance to get to know each other and to better understand students' needs.

By using breakout rooms, students can work together and take ownership of what they are learning. In my office hours, drop-in help sessions, students take the lead and it turns into a peer tutoring session of sorts. They also collaborate on what they are learning and help each other out. I stand back as more of a facilitator during that time and clear up any misconceptions that come up. They take the lead!

Students get almost instant feedback on their lessons and the opportunity to rise above their challenges in their coursework. This gives them the outlook that they can move forward from the challenges and learn. They learn how to ask for help, which is always difficult.

They learn about time management and planning a successful day. They learn how to set goals for themselves and work toward those goals. They are not distracted by typical classroom behaviors that are seen in bricks and mortar and they can focus. They can work at their pace, while meeting deadlines. Knowing that they are supported by all helps them take more risks with their learning, leading them to take those scary "professional" risks and going for something special.

My Interests

I'm the photographer of the family, even if it's with my cell phone camera! So I have some really cool pictures and some crazy, silly ones of everyone ien the family, including my two crazy cats.

"I really appreciate how the environment is very collaborative amongst my colleagues. I love working with my co-teachers and sharing ideas with them to improve our live lessons."

— Mrs. Ambrose