Shannon Siebert

Walter Wallace


Walter Wallace is the principal of Maine Connections Academy (MCA) and joins the school for the 2019–2020 school year. Mr. Wallace says, “I decided to become an educator to help students have a great school experience. I knew from my various classes and schools that some were much more interesting and engaging than others. I wanted to make sure students in my classes and my schools were excited about their learning. 

“I love the variety of students that we have at Connections Academy. Because we serve students from all over Maine, their local interests and experiences are shared with others, and students are learning from one another.,” Mr. Wallace said. “I have often said our staff knows our students better than many teachers in brick-and-mortar schools. MCA teachers are always connecting with students and families about student progress, both academically and socially. Our teachers work in collaborative teams and do a great job supporting each other. My favorite part of my job is learning. I am so impressed with how our school provides a custom education to meet our students’ needs.”

Maine Connections Academy prepares our students for a bright future in areas of their choosing. We guide them on pathways based on their knowledge, skills, and interests. Realizing that there are unlimited opportunities after high school, being able to offer more pathways than most brick-and-mortar schools is a benefit for our students.

— Mr. Wallace


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Saint Anselm College
  • Master of Arts in Education, University of Southern Maine
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership, University of Southern Maine