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Sarah Ober

Language Arts and Literature Studies Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education and Youth Development, Plymouth State University

Teaching is the only profession Ms. Ober ever considered. “My mom was a sixth grade teacher for 46 years,” she says, “and that is the only thing I wanted to do.” Ms. Ober almost literally followed in her mother’s footsteps: she spent the first eight years of her career teaching down the hall from her mother’s classroom. “I can't even put into words how valuable and enjoyable that experience was.”

Lively, Engaging Discussions

Ms. Ober has more than 15 years of teaching experience, mostly with middle school students. She has also served as a principal at an elementary school. Ms. Ober joined Maine Connections Academy in 2020. Her experience has been extremely positive. 

“While I may not sit a physical classroom with my students,” she says, “LiveLesson® rooms are full of lively, engaging discussions.” Ms. Ober understands that in a virtual learning environment it is essential to make sure every student is involved. “I ask a lot of open-ended questions,” she explains. “When students know you are interested in them and their success, it is easier to get them interested in your content area.”

Having come from a brick-and-mortar background, Ms. Ober was struck by how many opportunities she has to work with students individually. “There are a lot of pretty great things about working at Maine Connections Academy,” she says, “but one of my favorites is having plenty of time to meet with students one-on-one about English Language Arts or anything else that is needed.” As a teacher, Ms. Ober appreciates how effective she can be. “I love the freedom to tailor the work to individual students.”

"The biggest lifelong skill that Maine Connections Academy teaches our students is how to advocate for yourself while finding your independence."

— Ms. Ober

Two Kinds of Golf

In her free time, Ms. Ober loves to be out on a golf course – a regular golf course or a disc golf course. “Either way,” she says, “I’m happy when I am out there.” She also enjoys kayaking and swimming, especially when she can find lesser-known swimming holes, and extra-especially ones where Ollie the chocolate lab can swim and fetch sticks. Swimming holes don’t appeal to Jacki the cat.

Ms. Obar and her kitty Jackie