Annie Wright

Pam Bessey

Science Teacher

Master of Arts, Teaching and Learning, University of Southern Maine; Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Environmental Science, Bowdoin College

Pam has over 30 years of teaching experience. Teaching middle school and high school science, she joined Maine Connections Academy in 2018. Mrs. Bessey shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

My mom always worked in education and school and learning was always a priority in our household. I have been a teacher at schools in Rangeley, Bath, Brunswick, North Yarmouth Academy and Alabama, as well as an adult education director and expanded learning opportunity coordinator. 

The Online School Experience at Maine Connections Academy

I love working from home and students being able to have flexibility in their schedules. Students can see their assignments for the entire week or semester and have flexibility and multiple means of demonstrating their learning. There is more engagement and relationships developed with the families as the learning coach is a central part of the learning team of student, teacher and learning coach.

As teachers we are continually working to improve our practice by learning from others. We foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning, and we constantly seek out opportunities to support student empowerment and success.

My Interests

I love paddle boarding, walking and running with my dog Lulu, boating, cooking with my family, and bird watching!

"Maine Connections Academy provides an excellent opportunity for families to connect over learning, the parent is an integral part of making the experience a success and helping the student take ownership of their learning."

— Ms. Bessey