Lindsay Ross

Jodie Scott

Algebra 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education Mathematics, University of Maine; Master of Education, Teacher Leadership, University of Southern Maine

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher to help build confidence in students' math skills. I love getting to work with students and families on an individual basis. 

The Online School Experience at Wyoming Connections Academy

By attending Maine Connections Academy, students can practice etiquette with online communication through emails, phone calls, and appointments with their teachers and classmates. Students learn how to utilize online calendars, upload, and download assignments as well as working on their self-efficacy as they work through their course work at their own pace. LiveLesson® sessions give students opportunities to collaborate with each other in class using breakout rooms, chat pods and other tools student can use to interact with the class.

"I rely on communication with both our students and their learning coaches or caretakers at home for student success and transparency."

— Ms. Scott

My Interests

When not teaching, I like reading, playing games, walking my dog, and watching movies.