Professional headshot of Mr. Haddadi

Hawreh Haddadi

Social Studies Teacher

Suffolk University + USM

For Mr. Haddadi, social studies and historical events are much more than what he teaches. They’re part of the life he has lived. When he was a toddler, his Kurdish parents fled the totalitarian regime in Iran and moved to Maine. He grew up as an American, but with an extra interest in global politics – and perhaps a welcome perspective on the freedoms we as Americans enjoy.

Inspiring Their Curiosity

Mr. Haddadi’s approach to teaching begins with the student’s perspective. He knows some students can find school boring. He knows others may not feel supported. He feels his first responsibility as a teacher is to make sure students have a positive mindset. “It's a big priority of mine,” he says, “to make school a fun, engaging learning environment for everyone.”

During class, Mr. Haddadi makes sure to include interactive games to get everyone involved, “inspiring students and their curiosity on historic matters.”

He takes advantage of the many one-on-one sessions he has with students – and not just to help them with the lessons. “I want the students to know that I'm available to hear their concerns and comments,” he explains, because ultimately “the classroom is far more successful when people feel safe, involved, and recognized.”