Professional headshot of Haley Duncan

Haley Duncan

Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Coordinator

Bachelor’s Degree, Education, University of Maine, Orono; Master of Science, Education, University of New England

“I wanted a profession that allowed me to … help others.” Even when Ms. Duncan was younger, she knew what she was looking for in a career. She didn’t have to look far for inspiration. “My mom was a teacher,” she says, who made “a difference in hundreds and hundreds of lives!” As a child, she and her sisters used to play “school.” And even though her older sister always got to be principal, Ms. Duncan knew that teaching was what she was meant to do.

Know Each Student as a Person

MTSS is a Multi-Tiered System of Supports designed to address the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of each student. As MTSS Coordinator at Maine Connections Academy, Ms. Duncan plays a central role in the school’s ability to serve the unique needs of every individual. That starts, she says, by “getting to know them as a person and not just a student.” 

Compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, the virtual learning environment at Maine Connections Academy offers significantly more opportunity for faculty to interact individually with students. For Ms. Duncan, that’s the best part of her job. “I love working one-on-one with students and getting to know them,” she says. “Building relationships is so important to me.”

She also works with students to help them build a growth mindset. “I remind them that as people we are always learning,” Ms. Duncan explains. “It is always possible to achieve hard things.”

“Students here learn independence and time-management skills that are applicable and important in the world.”

— Ms. Duncan

Chasing Her Daughters

Outside of her responsibilities at Maine Connections Academy, Ms. Duncan has even more responsibilities – as a parent. “When I'm not online, you can find me chasing around and playing with my two young daughters,” she says. She also enjoys reading, spending warm days at the beach, or being active in some way. Ms. Duncan stays fit by running, walking, and going to the gym.