Headshot image of Ms. Campbell

Anna Campbell

Multiple Pathways Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, State University of New York at Fredonia; Master's of Education, Educational Leadership, Stetson University

Teachers impact everyone’s lives. However, for people who themselves grow up to become teachers, the impact is perhaps even greater. When Ms. Campbell was a student, she took note of what made her favorite teachers successful, how they connected with their students – as people. “They taught me the importance of empathy, patience, and perseverance,” she says, “all skills I use each day with my students.”

Meeting Students Where They Are

Ms. Campbell joined the faculty at Maine Connections Academy after nearly 20 years at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. There she served as a fourth grade teacher and an eighth grade teacher for language arts before moving into administrative positions, including middle school principal. She sees the advantages that virtual learning offers. 

“One of the key benefits of online schooling,” Ms. Campbell explains, “is that we’re able to engage students in a way that’s sometimes more suitable for them than a traditional brick-and-mortar environment.” She enjoys working one-on-one with students. Maine Connections Academy gives her “the flexibility to meet each individual student’s needs and challenges.”

As an experienced educator, Ms. Campbell also appreciates how supportive the school is of her as a professional. “Working collaboratively with my Maine Connections Academy colleagues is what I love about working here,” she says. The collective focus of the entire staff is on the success of each student, “and being a solid team supports this goal.”

Ari, Kaia, Dale … and Marley

Outside of school, Ms. Campbell enjoys spending time with her kids, Ari and Kaia, and her husband, Dale. Everyone in the family enjoys spending time with their terrier, Marley. Together they are outdoors as much as possible, including going to live music events. When Ms. Campbell is able to find a moment for herself, she enjoys reading.

“I chose education because I love learning and working with others. I help students learn and grow while also continuing to learn myself.”

— Ms. Campbell