Nellie L

Nellie L

Learning Coach

Nellie Levier is a Learning Coach for her three children who are students at Maine Connections Academy (MCA). She is pleased that MCA provides her kids with caring teachers, a personalized learning experience, and scheduling flexibility for enjoyable hobbies. Nellie shares her story below.

As my oldest three children went through middle school at a bricks-and-mortar school, I became increasingly unhappy about the quality of the education and learning environment. I felt there was a lack of communication to help me keep my son on track, and the girls would come home with story after story of the things that went on during the school day, including the way students were treated. I saw a lack of motivation in my kids to thrive.

I knew I needed to find something new, so I started researching and found a story about MCA being approved — I knew this was the answer. I was impressed with the curriculum and the ability for me to be more involved in my kids’ education. When we first enrolled, my two oldest children, Seth and Sarah, were freshman, and Autumn was in seventh grade. We went into that first year with the thought that we would give this a try—but it didn’t take long before we were sold.

I was impressed with the curriculum and the ability for me to be more involved in my kids’ education.

— Nellie


The staff at MCA has been involved and encouraging. My kids talk about how they are their teachers’ favorites; the teachers make each kid feel special. Each time they connect with the teachers there’s a personal touch because they ask questions like, ‘How’s cheering going?’ ‘Have you gotten your back tuck yet?’ ‘How did you do in your last cross country meet?’ and ‘What was your time?’ My children are often recognized when we go to local MCA field trips and events.

I get asked many online school-related questions about things such as socialization, the school day, and the benefits. My kids are involved in sports at the local high school. They coach Jr. sports and are actively involved in our church. The three of them get up, get dressed, and have breakfast before starting school—they do not hang around in pajamas all day like a lot of people think. My kids have a confidence and maturity that I don't often see in many other kids their age. They are surrounded by people—classmates and the staff—who encourage them in their gifts, abilities, and in their education, and that has helped them go through their teen years comfortable with who they are.”