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Eliana Baltodano

Eliana Baltodano ona a horse

An elementary school student at FLVS Full Time, Eliana Baltodano lives with her family in Naples, Florida. Her older brother Erick and two older sisters Elani and Elyse are also students at FLVS Full Time. She enjoys the challenging coursework and flexible schedule that this school provides. Eliana’s mother tells more of her story below.

“Eliana enjoys FLVS Full Time because she is able to learn at home. She enjoys learning how to read, and she studies hard to get good grades. She also likes the interactive learning opportunities, such as BrainPOP® and the Discovery Education movies.

Eliana likes practicing gymnastic skills. She, like the rest of her family, trains for triathlons by running, biking, and swimming. She loves to play with her sisters and brother. She also loves camping with her family, taking nature walks, and visiting the zoo.

FLVS Full Time provides Eliana with a flexible schedule. We start the day with family worship, then we move on to the challenging coursework. We then go outside for fresh air, sunshine, and physical education. Later, we finish the day with courses like art and Introduction to Computers. Her favorite subjects are P.E. and art.”

Eliana loves FLVS Full Time because she can ‘learn at home and be with family.’ She looks forward to learning more and more! It is a joy to see her learning new concepts and having FLVS Full Time supporting her all the way!
— Eliana’s mom