Image of Ms. Donnelly

Tiffani Donnelly

Manager, Exceptional Student Education

Bachelor’s Degree, Elementary Education, University of Central Florida; Master’s Degree, Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University

Tiffani Donnelly started her career as an educator in 2002 and joined Coastal Connections Academy in 2013. She is the manager of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and provides ESE support for students in grades K–5.

Why She Became an Educator

According to Ms. Donnelly, “I became a teacher because I wanted to help students find a love of learning. I wanted to make education not only relevant but fun for my students. I believe if you can ignite that passion in a student, it can create a lifelong journey of learning that will carry them through their whole life.

“I began my own journey in education as a fifth-grade teacher. Throughout my educational adventures, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a grade chair, school specialist, assistant principal, assistant manager of special education, and now a manager of ESE. I have counted every year as a blessing.”

The Online School Experience at Coastal Connections Academy

“I love that I can support and help my students learn in a safe environment that allows them to be themselves,” says Ms. Donnelly. “It’s amazing to see the growth of a child when they finally feel free from bullying and hardship.

“Making connections with students and their families is key. Listening to understand is so important to ensuring that we provide the best individualized and engaging support possible. Often, my students talk about their passions; these stories can open a door for teaching and learning in an engaging way.

“My students really enjoy playing learning games in which they get to interact and support each other. This allows them to socialize and learn at the same time.”

“Students here are challenged with a rigorous curriculum, supportive teachers and staff, and [learn] 21st-century technology skills that will help them with future jobs that aren’t even created yet.”

— Ms. Donnelly

Message for Families Considering Online School

Reports Ms. Donnelly, “Coastal Connections Academy is truly a family of educators who care about and support their students. The lessons are standards based and rigorous so our students keep pace with, and can even surpass, traditional schools’ learning models. We have tools and support that allow learning to be a truly individualized path that meets the needs of each student.

“Our students are given the space to be individuals and to shine just as brightly as they like. The talent of our students truly astounds me daily. I feel blessed to be a part of their lives.”

Personal Interests

According to Ms. Donnelly, “I absolutely love to travel the world. If I’m not teaching, I’m off on an adventure exploring the amazing wonders of our beautiful planet. In addition to my passion for discovery, I also enjoy scuba diving, golfing, and playing multiple instruments.”