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Tuition-Free Online Academy in Florida

Florida Connections Academy (FCA) is a tuition-free virtual public charter school that allows students grades K-10 to receive a high-quality education from home. Adding one grade per year, FCA will soon serve students from grades K–12. No matter where you live in Florida, you can access our excellent program from the comfort of your own home.

Authorized by Hillsborough County Public Schools Office

Florida Connections Academy, a full-time statewide online public charter school, has been authorized by Hillsborough County Public Schools to serve students throughout the state beginning in the 2018–19 school year. The online school currently serves students in grades K–10, and will add a grade level each year until it serves grades K–12 by its fifth year. Enrollment will be open to students across Florida, with preference given to Hillsborough County students.

Florida Connections Academy is partnered with the approved Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) provider Connections Education of Florida, LLC (also dba Pearson Online & Blended Learning). Learn more at our Disclosures page.

Our Mission

The mission of Florida Connections Academy is to create a personalized, student-centered learning experience with certified teachers dedicated to helping students succeed in school and in life. Learning Coaches, usually parents, guide students on a daily basis and get a front row seat to their academic journey.

The Virtual School Experience

Sharing common goals with our students’ parents, we strive to give students an environment in which they can become successful, productive, and confident adults. Our full-time virtual school program helps students build upon their strengths and interests in a setting that is safe while remaining connected to the larger school community.

Here are some driving forces behind our unique approach to education:

Free Online Education, Outstanding Curriculum

At FCA, we make sure our students have access to a great virtual public education, completely free of charge. All needed materials are included in the curriculum, so there are no extra charges. And our school program not only meets, but exceeds national and state standards for education, while integrating only the best resources, materials, and texts for our students, to keep them engaged in creative and new ways.

Exceptional Teachers

At FCA, our teachers are truly the foundation of our students’ experience. In addition to being certified and specially trained to teach online school, they’re talented and passionate. Teachers are drawn to our program because they believe in our personalized approach to instruction and truly care about their students.

Individual Attention

Every student has their own strengths and abilities, and all students perform better when they’re in a nurturing environment in which they receive individual attention. These guiding principles serve as the foundation of Connections Academy’s Personalized Performance Learning® approach. With this method, our online teachers are able to truly get to know their students, understanding their learning style, interests, and skill, which allows our teachers to give each student the best opportunity to succeed and excel in their learning. By accelerating learning in a student’s areas of strength, and making sure they receive extra attention in the areas in which they struggle, our students receive the personalized help they need.

Parent-Supported Learning

Students prosper when parents actively participate in their child’s education. At FCA, parents are enabled and encouraged to take on the role of Learning Coach, allowing them to play an important role in their student’s education every day. Serving in this role, parents can see the daily progress their students make as they work with devoted teachers to keep them on track. The majority of our students’ parents agree that this level of involvement is one of the most gratifying aspects of their participating in our online school.

Easy-to-Use Technology

With the help of our user-friendly system, Connexus®, our students have access to a collaborative and welcoming learning experience anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. Parents appreciate how easy it is to access grades and schedule lessons through this program as needed.

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

Learning in a virtual environment definitely doesn’t mean learning alone. In our online school setting, students can meet together regularly in LiveLesson® sessions online, where they have the opportunity to learn together in a fun environment, while comparing experiences and sharing ideas. At FCA, we also offer students several chances to get together in-person for gatherings, activities, and field trips. The flexibility of our program gives students even more opportunities to explore extracurricular activities outside of the FCA program and through Connections Academy clubs, allowing them to pursue what interests them most.