Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

504 Coordinator

Lauren Johnson is a grade 504 Coordinator for grades 6–12 at Colorado Connections Academy. Ms. Johnson started teaching in 2010 and joined Connections Academy in 2008. Ms. Johnson earned a BA in history from the University of Colorado Boulder, a MA in educational leadership from Griffith University and a MEd in Special Education from Western University. She shares her story below:

“I always loved school and learning. My younger brother struggled with learning differences throughout school and did not connect well with most teachers. His experience motivated me to be a supportive, involved teacher.

I find I'm able to get to know my students and their families on a different level online. The online environment allows me to work with students individually and allows students the space to ask questions without their peers.

Regular interaction and communication with students is the best way to encourage engagement in classes. I also really encourage students to attend LiveLesson® sessions to get more direct instruction and the opportunity to learn from their peers.

“Online school helps increase independence and helps students to be more comfortable advocating for themselves. I can't think of a more important skill.”

— Ms. Johnson

Online school works best when approached as a family undertaking. Every student needs different levels of support, but all need some!
In my free time, I enjoy distance running, reading, and spending time with my 2 children and husband.”

Lauren Johnson