Image of Linda Lehmkuhl

Linda Lehmkuhl

Elementary School Teacher

Associate of Applied Arts Degree, Yavapai College; Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University; Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University; K–8 Principal Certification, Northern Arizona University.  

Linda Lehmkuhl started teaching in 1991 and has been with Arizona Connections Academy since 2019. She teaches students in third grade. 


Why I Decided to Teach at Arizona Connections Academy

I was inspired to become an educator by caring teachers and professors who invested in me from kindergarten all the way through college. Their talent, joy, knowledge, and commitment to helping others succeed with purpose and passion was life-changing.  

I love working with Arizona Connections Academy students and families. It’s always a treat to meet with families that share their travels and schooling locations around the state and nation.  

I get to partner with caring families that are committed to education. I also get to experience the joy of supporting students on their unique learning journeys while sharing in their challenges and successes.

“My favorite part of teaching at this school is celebrating student's successes, no matter how big or how small.” 

— Ms. Lehmkuhl