Image of Jaimee Nieman

Jaimee Nieman

Middle School Teacher

Jaimee Nieman is a middle school math teacher at Arizona Connections Academy. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and earned her teaching credential from Chapman University. She shares more about her experience and a love for teaching below:

“I have always loved school and learning, and I credit this to the wonderful teachers I had. I love teaching and being a role model for my students. My goal is to foster a love for math, engage my students, and increase their confidence in my virtual classroom.

I am thrilled to be teaching in a virtual environment and to have the flexibility to connect with my families on a daily basis. The abundance of resources and interactive tools allow all types of learners to excel here at Arizona Connections Academy. The lessons are engaging, and every resource is right at the click of the mouse. Teachers are easily reached by phone or email, and parents have access to their student’s progress so they can support their child’s learning."

"My favorite part about Arizona Connections Academy is how the program keeps the students accountable and responsible. I also love that I have the flexibility and time to provide content-rich individualized lessons."

— Ms. Nieman