Image of David McQuilkin

David McQuilkin

History Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Arizona State University 

David McQuilkin began his teaching career in 2013 and joined Arizona Connections Academy in 2017. He is a history teacher and shares his story below. 


Why I Became a Teacher

I like history and think we can learn a lot from it. Years ago, I decided I wanted to help students understand history and learn how to apply its lessons to today. 

My favorite part of teaching at Arizona Connections Academy is helping students improve their academic standing and get credits toward graduation.  

“One of the things I love most about teaching at Arizona Connections Academy is helping students achieve their goals.” 

— Mr. McQuilkin

The Online School Experience at Arizona Connections Academy

Everyone at this school is able and willing to do whatever they can to help students, parents, and other educators succeed. It’s one of the many ways we create a welcoming environment.  

This school differs from traditional brick-and-mortar public schools in meaningful ways. One example: Students here have a great deal of flexibility in how they learn.