Image of Ashley Stueland

Ashley Stueland

K-12 Special Education Teacher

Ashley Stueland is a K-12 special education teacher at Arizona Connections Academy. She earned her bachelor’s degree in special education from Arizona State University and joined Arizona Connections Academy in 2018. She shares her story below:

“At a very early age I knew my dream was to become a teacher. It wasn’t until later that I realized I wanted to specialize in special education. I love being able to work one-on-one with each student to help them in areas of need and highlight their areas of strength. :

For the past nine years I was in a brick-and-mortar setting, and transitioning to the new and exciting virtual environment at Arizona Connections Academy has sparked my passion for teaching again. Working here allows me to connect more not only with my students but also with the families as a whole. I am able to work with the students and parents on a daily basis to create a much stronger IEP team where we are all on the same page and focused on success. Every student is able to have a curriculum aimed at their needs and strengths to help them feel excited and hopeful for the future.

The thing I love most about working at Arizona Connections Academy is how friendly and collaborative every individual is, from teachers to counselors and to the administrative team. Everyone wants to work together and help each other out, which in turn creates such an inviting and strong environment for the students to learn in.”

"I could not be happier to be teaching at Arizona Connections Academy!"

— Ms. Stueland