Sarina Senger

Sarina Senger


Sarina Senger is a graduate of  Arizona Connections Academy. Looking for a more personalized and flexible learning environment, she and her family decided to enroll in ARCA. Sarina likes being able to learn at a time that suits her. She shares more about her story below:

"I appreciate the flexibility of the program. For example, when my aunt had her wedding in Minnesota, I was able to attend without fear of falling behind in my schoolwork because I worked ahead. I can also manage my schedule around the things I am passionate about such as learning the piano, my religion, and exploring my desert home. I like to do my schoolwork early in the morning so I can get a head start in the day, and I try to manage how much time I spend on each individual subject in order to not get stuck on a certain topic.

My favorite subjects so far are digital photography and science. I love how digital photography allows you to see the world through different lenses and effects. In science, I love learning about the oceans and rocks. I tend to maintain a friendly relationship with my teachers. When there are school sponsored events, I always try to look for the teachers I have gotten to know over the years."

"I love Arizona Connections Academy because it allows me to learn while giving me the time to gain hands on experience from exploring the world around me."

— Sarina

Sarina standing in the desert