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Arizona Connections Academy: Online Elementary Curriculum

A student's young mind requires a solid foundation of knowledge and learning. Arizona Connections Academy (ACA) offers core K–5 curriculum content while also teaching valuable study skills. The goal is to help your student develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Core Curriculum Content

ACA's “Best of Class” online elementary school curriculum materials are provided by leading educational publishers. To aid in learning, most curriculum for younger grades is in print but is supplemented with high-quality online content. As the student advances through virtual elementary school, more and more content is delivered online. This gives everything needed for a well-crafted online learning experience at home.

For advanced students who qualify to work at a higher grade level, ACA's Gifted and Talented program is available beginning in the third grade.

For more information, review the elementary school sample lessons and read about Connection Academy's academic partners.


Arizona Connections Academy understands the importance of a well-rounded educational experience so various elementary course electives are offered to the young student. From learning a world language, mastering the skills of daily living, and appreciating the arts, the electives cover a wide range of topics.

Activities and Clubs

For even more fun and hands-on experience, ACA offers your student the opportunity to participate in activities and clubs focused in the subjects of art, science, and sports.


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