Millie Rice

Millie Rice

Secondary Teacher

Millie Rice is a secondary school teacher at Alabama Connections Academy (ALCA). She teaches social science subjectssuch as economics, government, psychology, and history. Ms. Rice graduated from the University of West Florida with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a minor in education. She and her husband both decided to become teachers afterretiring from the navy so that they could continue to serve others.

In 2012, Ms. Rice began her teaching career in a brick-and-mortar school, and in 2017, she joined ALCA. She says, “Afterteaching in a brick-and-mortar school for many years, I was excited to reach students from a progressive and valuableplatform. Alabama Connections Academy provides each student the opportunity to personalize education in a way that meetseach individual’s needs.

Students enrolled in ALCA have a dynamic schedule that benefits from the flexibility and diversity of a virtual classroom. Connections Academy also provides students with the skills needed to be ahead of the curve and prepare for many tech-based colleges and careers. ALCA has a fun and unique environment in which the students enjoy interacting with each other through LiveLesson® sessions and by contributing to discussions in a way that is innovative and different from the traditional classroom setting.

One area of concern that I have discovered from parents and students who are considering enrolling in Alabama Connections Academy is the loss of personal connection between families and educators, but at ALCA, we go above and beyond to develop and personalize relationships with our families. Teachers make it a priority to be available to parents and students for live interaction. We know our students’ names, personalities, and schedules and are intentional about being available and approachable. I am always helping my students to know that I am just on the other side of a phone call, WebMail, grade assessment, or face-to-face screen time.”

Alabama Connections Academy provides each student the opportunity to personalize education in a way that meets each individual’s needs.

— Ms. Rice

Outside of teaching, Ms. Rice makes a point to step away from the screen to focus on being healthy, both physically and mentally, and she encourages her students to unplug and do the same. She sets an example by being an active person and enjoys surfing, hiking, running, yoga, visiting museums, and participating in church activities. She is also currently pursuing her master’s degree in school counseling.