Zoe Champion


Zoe Champion is a graduate student of Alabama Connections Academy. For Zoe, the flexibility in scheduling that Alabama Connections Academy provided allowed her to take honors courses while pursuing outside interests and volunteering regularly. She shares her story below:

“I loved Alabama Connections Academy because of the flexibility I had to arrange my schedule and do what was important to me. I was able to take all honors classes with some of the most awesome teachers and still be involved in outside activities that I was passionate about, such as theater, dancing, singing, and volunteering. I was in a theater production and was able to work my school schedule around many rehearsal hours and the shows.

“Due to the flexible schedule, I was able to create a children’s library for Olivia’s House, a home for mothers with substance abuse issues. Olivia’s House allows these mothers to participate in a six-month to a year-long rehabilitation program, and they can have their children live with them. I spent many hours painting and cleaning; purchasing over 450 books and collecting other books from donors; and purchasing furniture, toys, videos, and decor to make it a bright, Dr. Seuss-themed library. I was honored to have the library named Olivia’s House—Zoe Champion Children’s Library at the ribbon cutting and grand opening. I was also the guest speaker. I partnered with the Birmingham Optimist Club, which focuses on empowering today’s youth.”

I had a very good relationship with all my teachers. They were only a phone call or WebMail away and were very supportive.

— Zoe

“I’m passionate about volunteering, and was involved in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen program. I was Miss Leeds Area Outstanding Teen and was also honored to be crowned Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen. My personal platform is volunteering: Champions M.A.D.E. (Make a Difference Every Day).

Zoe was also very involved in her church youth group that she attended with her best friends, and she competed in the Lads to Leaders program, which focuses on building Christian leaders. Zoe plans to earn a degree in biology and then attend the University of Alabama School of Dentistry to become an orthodontist.