Emily Wade

Paige Eads

Learning Coach

Paige Eads is the parent and Learning Coach to her son, who is a high-schooler at Alabama Connections Academy (ALCA). Prior to joining ALCA, her family lived in Indiana and had begun to explore alternatives to traditional bricks-and-mortar schooling. After seeing a commercial on television, they decided to try Indiana Connections Academy. In the fall of 2018, the family moved to Alabama and transferred to ALCA. Paige shares below why her family decided to stick with Connections Academy:

“We were looking for an alternative to my son’s education because traditional bricks-and-mortar schooling was not working well for his learning style or for his well-being. Since joining Connections Academy, his self-esteem and confidence have grown immensely.

“Online schooling provides flexibility for him to do his lessons when he is focused and at his best. He is not a morning person, so he does his lessons at night when he is ready to focus and learn and put forth the required effort. His grades and attitude toward school prove that he is doing well, as do his excitement and his willingness to discuss his lessons and what he is learning.

I love that Connections Academy provides a positive educational opportunity for students who do not conform or learn via the methods that are set up to teach to masses and not the individual.

— Ms. Eads

I am able to connect to my son’s teachers via the WebMail system, and if I have questions or concerns, I also don’t hesitate to call. I have better access to and communication with his teachers in Connections Academy than I did in a traditional bricks-and-mortar school.

My son’s favorite subject is history. Since he is a high-schooler, he does not really need my help; however, I love how he shares his knowledge with me and how he shares his knowledge with others in LiveLesson® sessions. I also love that I can be involved in his education and look at the lessons he is doing and help him if he has questions in understanding the expectations of a lesson. We also love the ability to go back and listen again to recorded lessons or redo lessons if he does not perform well or did not understand the material as well as what he thought he had.

My son has many interests outside of school; he loves learning about and exploring our new community and spending time with family whom we now live near. He does not have difficulty managing his schedule outside of school and stays connected to friends through social media or online gaming. He is still figuring out his dream, but Connections Academy has helped my son with his education plan, has provided a wealth of resource information, and has encouraged him to continue to think outside of the traditional box.

I love that Connections Academy provides a positive educational opportunity for students who do not conform or learn well via the methods that are set up to teach the masses and not the individual. ALCA is so much healthier, more positive, and safer, and his self-esteem and grades have improved significantly. In addition, it is much more conducive to his learning style. My son has found his passion and excitement fort learning by being a student in the Connections Academy system.”