Jaxon Guzlas

Elementary Student

Jaxon Guzlas is an elementary school student at Alabama Connections Academy (ALCA). He started at ALCA as a kindergarten student and loves learning from home with his parents. Jaxon says, “I love Connections Academy because it’s cool and I can do school in my jammies!”

At home, Jaxon has a school setup in an office where he can do his schoolwork on his laptop. Videos are his favorite part of the lessons, and he loves talking to his teacher online. Jaxon loves to count, so math is his favorite subject.

Outside of schoolwork, Jaxon has the time to go on trips. His parents schedule in swimming, art projects, and playdates with his friends. He can also talk to his friends on the phone.

Connections Academy is super fun. I love working at home with my mom and dad. I get to go on a lot of trips.

— Jaxon