Image of Ms. Kipp

Sarah Kipp

Elementary School Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education with a Pre-K-3 reading certificate, Marygrove College; Master of Arts, Curriculum Development, Marygrove College

Mrs. Kipp teaches elementary school students for Great River Connections Academy. She has been teaching since 2004 and joined our team in 2020. Mrs. Kipp shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

I grew up with two parents who were teachers, hearing and discussing education and spending many hours helping in my parents' classrooms. I would envision having my own students, how I would teach them, how I would support them, and how I would make it fun to learn. I wanted to create relationships with my students and find ways to reach students both academically and emotionally. I wanted to create lessons that were creative, fun, and engaging. I remember at a young age thinking about how I would change the lesson or teach a skill that my teacher was teaching me in a different way. It is in my heart and who I am.

The Online School Experience at Great River Connections Academy

I love being able to interact with families and communicate with Learning Coaches about their child's progress, strengths, and weaknesses on a regular basis. I love having time to plan effective lessons and to concentrate and work on what they really need help and support with.

I send resources to help supplement their lessons and to build on what we are doing in our LiveLesson® sessions. I use polls, chat boxes, webcams, and microphones as much as I can throughout the lesson. I like to make sure to use students’ names as much as possible, so they start to feel like a community. I also have "Fun Friday" for my homeroom. We read stories, sing songs, dance, and play interactive games.

"We love our students and care about each of them as individual learners, and will do our absolute best to help them to reach their full potential."

—  Mrs. Kipp

The Benefits of K-12 Online Learning

Students learn to be self-starters and have the discipline to work and complete lessons on their own. They must be aware of their learning and be able to self-monitor their understanding. They also must learn how to ask teachers for help. Their ability to use technology is also a wonderful skill to have when moving forward in their life.

Teachers are committed and always willing to help guide families and students to success. We love our students and care about each of them as individual learners, and will do our absolute best to help them to reach their full potential.

My Interests

I enjoy hiking with my three children and their favorite thing is to look for new waterfalls. I’m also a huge Cleveland sports fan and love to play softball!