Image of Ms. Gilmour

Maria Gilmour

Middle School Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Middle Childhood Education with a licensure in English Language Arts and Social Studies, Cleveland State University

Ms. Gilmour teaches 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. She has been teaching since 2007 and joined Great River Connections Academy in 2020. Ms. Gilmour shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher because I felt a natural draw to help and guide young people. A few teachers did that for me at critical times in my adolescent life, and I developed a desire to be an influence for good and a safe zone of calm and understanding for middle schoolers.

The Online School Experience at Great River Connections Academy

I love the people at Great River Connections Academy! All of the students I have interacted with are more than willing to put in the effort and care about their learning. The staff are wonderful new additions to my family, and I feel that even though we all work from different places, we are more connected than my prior experience. I believe the major benefit of being at Great River Connections Academy is the quality of the interactions I make and receive in return.

After a little "work" is done in a LiveLesson® sessions, we have a bit of fun- we play games and have small competitions, and all my students are good sports and encouraging to others.

The Benefits of K-12 Online Learning

I believe the careers of the future are more inclined to be digital and incorporate technology than in the past. Our students work within an online environment and rise to the task of making themselves heard with technology in a responsible way, and I believe that this is a phenomenal foundation for their futures.

Message for Families Considering Online School

We care, we listen, we put in the time, and we want to be here for students and make their education appealing and effective.

My Interests

I enjoy reading, watching movies, and playing games! I really enjoy being outside and working in the yard, or just relaxing on the patio. I embrace adventure and vacationing to unwind or find new places to explore!

"We care, we listen, we put in the time, and we want to be here for students and make their education appealing and effective."

—  Ms. Gilmour