Image of Ms Phillips

Blair Phillips

Intervention Specialist

Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education, Muskingum University; Master of Arts, Special Education, Muskingum University

Mrs. Phillips is an intervention specialist for K-7. She has been teaching since 2014 and joined Great River Connections Academy in 2019. Ms. Phillips shares her story below!

Why I Became an Educator

From a young age, I said I was going to be a teacher.  I "played school" with dolls and stuffed animals as a child. As the years went on, that interest faded but I continued to enjoy watching children learn new things. I knew I needed to work with children who needed extra support beyond what a typical classroom teacher could provide.

The Benefits of K-12 Online Learning

Working in the online setting allows me the opportunity to support students and their families in individualized ways. I can work with students (and families) one-on-one without worrying about taking time away from the rest of the class.  

When I taught in the brick-and-mortar setting, a large portion of my day was spent with non-academic tasks, such as bathroom breaks, medical needs, behavior interventions, and transitions between various places in the building. In our online learning environment, I have more time to focus on important academic skills and teaching.

The Online School Experience at Great River Connections Academy

I love working at Great River Connections Academy because there is endless support and so many valuable resources available. The professional development we receive has allowed me to continue my learning and become a better educator.

Students at Great River Connections Academy participate in a challenging curriculum and have access to teachers that are ready to provide individualized support to each student! During LiveLesson® sessions, I provide opportunities for students to collaborate and work together on projects. I have seen students make tremendous progress. If you are willing to commit the time to support your child as a Learning Coach, this will be a great learning experience for your child and family!

"Working in the online setting allows me the opportunity to support students and their families in individualized ways."

—  Mrs. Phillips

My Interests

I enjoy being outdoors, such as hiking, camping, sitting by a fire, and even just doing yard work! I also enjoy spending time with family and serving my community.