Image of Ms. Casenhiser

Amy Casenhiser

High School Math Teacher

Amy Casenhiser is a high school math teacher at Great River Connections Academy (GRCA). She started her teaching career in 2009 and joined Great River Connections Academy in 2018. Ms. Casenhiser has a bachelor of administration in accounting and a master of arts in teaching, both from Kent State University.

“There are several educators in my family, and I decided to work in business and accounting. It was not a very rewarding job. After thirteen years in accounting, I earned my master’s degree in teaching and have loved my career ever since! It is the most rewarding job, and I absolutely love working with students and families!

Great River Connections Academy has grown exponentially this year (yes, a math term)! The teachers, staff, and administration have all worked together to make this a great learning environment for students.

— Ms. Casenhiser

I love everything about Great River Connections Academy! I love teaching online and helping students succeed in this environment. I believe this is a great choice for students. We have fantastic staff, and everyone wants success for our students. It is a great environment for students, teachers, and staff. I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else!

In many ways, our students have to be more organized than students in brick-and-mortar schools. They need to be able to manage their time and be self-starters! Students who are attending online school for the first time do need to give our program some time so they can begin to fully understand how this environment works. It is definitely different, but it can be such a positive experience.”