Image of Josh


Middle School Student

Josh is a middle school student at Great River Connections Academy who appreciates the safety and flexibility of the online public charter school. He has excelled in virtual school despite suffering from health problems.

Why I Chose Great River Connections Academy

In September 2020, I started 8th grade at a new school. Last year I was assaulted by another student at my previous school, and I didn’t feel safe going back.

Everything at the new school started off okay, but I soon began experiencing chronic health problems including fatigue and fevers. While doctors were unable to diagnose the cause, I was often unable to get through the day. I started missing a lot of school and my grades suffered. My mother, Jody, and I made the difficult decision in November to enroll me in Great River Connections Academy, a public online charter school.

My Online Middle School Experience

Switching schools mid-year can be a difficult adjustment for any student but it only took me a couple weeks to figure out the online platform, thanks to help from the teachers and faculty at Great River Connections.

In the first couple of months since enrolling, my grades have improved, and I ended the semester earning A’s and B’s. Great River Connections Academy’s online platform allows me to manage my schedule and stay on top of my assignments. I’m also able go back and review my work with teachers on tests or assignments any time I need.

My School Schedule

I finally got a diagnosis for my health problems – I ‘d been suffering from Mononucleosis which, as in many cases, turned into chronic fatigue syndrome. All this considered, I believe I’m in the best place as far as my education is concerned.

“Despite all that was going on with his health, Josh’s grades have gone up. He’s learning a lot more as he’s able to communicate with the teachers when he needs help,” Jody said. “With the schedule flexibility the school offers, Josh can get up later, do his work and take breaks whenever he needs to.”