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High School Student

Jasmine is a high school student at Great River Connections Academy. The flexibility of online school offers her the ability to learn at her own pace and explore the world beyond the classroom.

Why I Chose Great River Connections Academy

As the 2018-19 academic year was about to begin, I knew I would soon be moving from Colorado to Ohio and would be changing schools. For many students this would be a terrifying experience, but I saw it as an opportunity to find a learning environment that better suit my needs.

I had been attending a traditional public school and was doing well. However, I wanted a learning environment that offered more flexibility in my schedule and more advance placement courses that would better prepare me for college.

At that time, I found Colorado Connections Academy and attended the public online school for a few weeks knowing that when I made the move to Ohio, I could enroll in Great River Connections Academy. The transition was seamless.

My Online High School Experience

“Attending a school that offers me a flexible schedule is very important to me,” Jasmine said. “It gives me the freedom to explore my interests and pursue various opportunities.”

One of those interests is exploring other parts of the world. I’m an avid traveler who enjoys experiencing new cultures. In fact, my family and I recently went on vacation to Greece to tour Athens, Olympia and Delphi and enjoy the local cuisine.

To prepare for the trip, I completed my lessons far enough in advance that I wouldn’t be behind. The ability to work at my own pace and the support from teachers allowed me to travel and not worry about my schoolwork.

“I don't think I would've had the ability to achieve as much as I have if I were still in a traditional school environment,” she said. “Connections Academy has not only allowed me the freedom to travel, but to experience new things that have helped me to build my character, education and understanding of different people and places as well.”

I don't think I would've had the ability to achieve as much as I have if I were still in a traditional school environment.

— Jasmine

My School Schedule

When I enrolled in Great River Connections Academy, the online school had just opened a few weeks earlier. I soon found the exact AP and college prep courses I was looking for along with teachers who were always available to help when I needed it.

I have loved science throughout my academic life and I’m considering a career in the medical field where I could help people. This past summer, I participated in the Horizons in Medicine program at Wright State University to get a better sense of the career possibilities in health care. During the program, students spend mornings in classrooms and laboratories at Wright State, where we were introduced to subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology. We spent afternoons shadowing in hospitals, community clinics, and other clinical sites throughout the community.

Future Plans

As a senior looking forward to graduating, I’ve learned a lot about what I want to do in the future and I’m thankful to have found a school that allowed me to explore different opportunities.