Paige Jones

Paige Jones

Middle School Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Western Michigan University

Mrs. Jones has been teaching for seven years and has been with Michigan Connections Academy since 2015. She currently teaches seventh grade language arts. Mrs. Jones shares more below.

Why I Became A Teacher

In fifth grade, I had the best teacher who really sparked my interest in pursuing a career in education. Mr. Smith was engaging, smart, and he really cared about and was invested in his students. He created a comfortable environment where he welcomed space for learning and growing from our mistakes, which really allowed me to work toward my best. After fifth grade, I continued to have a passion for learning, and that continued as I went through college trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Ultimately, I couldn't get away from the fact that I wanted to become a teacher so that I could hopefully be a similar presence in students' lives like Mr. Smith was in mine.

The Online School Experience

Working at Michigan Connections Academy has allowed me to make deeper connections on an individual level with my students than I ever thought was possible. The fact that I can spend a lot of my day working independently with students and getting to know students individually is what I feel education is all about, so to work in a school that not only allows but encourages this is an amazing feeling. I also love that we allow students to continue to relearn and redo work until they have achieved mastery. This really helps to develop the growth mindset in our students that is setting them up for success in their future.

Michigan Connections Academy helps students learn independence early on because they are responsible for working with their teachers and Learning Coaches in developing a schedule that works best for them that will keep them on track. Along with this comes the practice of time management. Also, they practice self-advocacy when reaching out or using the Book Me tool to work with a teacher on a skill they need help with. I feel we also provide instruction that is differentiated to individual student needs, which will help them to have the skills they need beyond school, whether they choose to attend college, trade school, or enter the workforce.

My Interests

I love traveling. My goal in the next five years is to make it to Ireland, but I also love taking day or weekend trips around our beautiful state of Michigan. I also love reading thriller books, crafting, and exercising, as well as spending time with my husband and dog, Cosmo.

"Michigan Connections Academy offers lots of personal instruction for students who may need additional support in their courses, which is one of my favorite things about teaching here!"

—  Mrs. Jones