Niebal Atiyeh

Niebal Atiyeh

High School Principal, Michigan Connections Academy

Bachelor's Degree, Middle Eastern & North African Studies, University of Michigan; Master's Degree, Middle East, Division of the Humanities, University of Chicago; Mathematics Teaching Endorsement, University of Michigan; Master's Degree, Education, Administration and Supervision, University of Phoenix 

Niebal Atiyeh joined Michigan Connections Academy in 2014 and is principal of the high school. Ms. Atiyeh notes, “I appreciate the opportunity to personalize our students' education, adapting it to their unique needs and watching them thrive as they become more engaged and motivated learners.”

Why She Became an Educator

According to Ms. Atiyeh, “We have a responsibility to care for and provide for our children collectively, as a community. As an educator, I can directly provide that care and work to ensure that students have equal access to the education they deserve. 

“My favorite part of the job is the dynamic nature of each day and the changing landscape of education. Working in an online environment puts us at the forefront, where we can quickly adapt and implement new teaching methods and strategies. We’re constantly evolving, and it keeps my job exciting. 

“We do our best to create a welcoming community [at this school] by encouraging Learning Coach involvement, supporting teacher development, and creating a student-centered learning environment in our classes. We support implementing inclusive policies, engaging with the local community, maintaining open communication, and providing support services for families.”

The Online School Experience

Ms. Atiyeh believes that “online schooling can offer some students unique opportunities for learning that may [not] have been inaccessible to them in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. It provides a platform where students can engage more authentically with themselves and their education, exploring subjects and activities that resonate with their interests. Our mode of learning does require students to be more self-directed and accountable, but that also gives them the opportunity to earn a sense of empowerment and independence.

“Education is not just about academic knowledge; it’s about equipping students with the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We create a diverse and inclusive online environment at Connections Academy, which exposes students to a variety of perspectives, preparing them to thrive in a global society.”

“The flexibility of the online platform allows students to explore and develop their interests and talents, fostering a sense of self-awareness and confidence.”

— Ms. Atiyeh