Professional headshot of Ms. Wolfinger

Lisa Wolfinger

High School Teacher

Bachelor of Science Degree, Ferris State University; Master’s Degree, Biological Sciences, Clemson University

Lisa Wolfinger started teaching in 2010, when she joined Michigan Connections Academy. She teaches biology and honors biology to students in twelfth grade.

Why I Became A Teacher

I fell in love with biology in middle school and have been passionate about it ever since. When it came to choosing a field of study, it was a no-brainer; I had to become a biology teacher so I could excite others about life science. My favorite part of teaching here is the innovation I can bring to a field that’s been around for thousands of years. Not only do I get to pioneer a new way of teaching and learning but I also get to excite students about biology every day. 

Teaching at this school is my dream job. I work with students individually on concepts I love and can see their growth firsthand. I meet students where they are in their learning in a one-on-one setting, with the goal of advancing and enriching their knowledge.

The Online School Experience

I foster student engagement by connecting the curriculum with their real life. Biology can be detailed, complex, and microscopic. It’s easy to lose students in the details. Helping them relate those minute and intricate concepts to things they experience every day brings learning to life.

Kids aren’t going to remember everything from high school, so what are the things they need to know? Those are my essential standards. This program is tailored to each student and their learning needs. Every learning experience is unique to the student I’m working with.

This school helps prepare students for a successful future in many ways. Our students have mastered time-management and self-advocacy skills. They’ve been able to create their own schedule and learned strategies to stick to it. They recognize when they need support and aren’t afraid to ask for it. They’ve developed excellent communication skills after working with teachers individually throughout their educational experience. 

Our students succeed when the student, caretaker, and teachers all work together. Barriers to success are created when the student or caretaker is unable, or unwilling, to play an active role in the student’s education. When this learning triad functions as designed, there isn’t a doubt that any engaged student can thrive at this school. 

“The personalized learning this school offers is unparalleled to any other educational setting. I love that student learning is at the core of everything we do.”

— Ms. Wolfinger

My Interests

I live in the Lansing area with my husband and two boys. While my days are focused on student learning, my evenings consist of building forts, creating obstacle courses, exploring the outdoors, and Legos. We love taking family trips. The kids are young for such a short time, and the fun we have on vacations are some of my most precious memories. I also enjoy gardening, reading, and cooking with my family.