Image of Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts

Elementary Principal

Master of Arts, Teacher Leadership, National University; Master of Arts, Administration K-12, Central Michigan University

Mrs. Roberts is the elementary principal at Michigan Connections Academy. With over a dozen years of experience as an administrator, Mrs. Roberts strives to create an environment for students, staff, and parents where everyone succeeds together.

Why I Became an Educator

When I was a young girl in 1st grade, I had a not-so-great experience with a teacher who yelled often at our class. This stuck with me throughout my school years and led me to want to be an educator who would provide a nurturing environment for all students to love learning.

The Online School Experience

The best part about working at Michigan Connections Academy is the relationships that are built with students and families. There’s nothing better than keeping in touch with families over the years and watching those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students I had years ago walk across the stage at graduation.

Our school provides a welcoming community for parents, teachers, and students by always having an open door. Our vision is that all students will learn, and our passion is to provide that support necessary for each student to be successful.

I love being a servant and providing teachers what they need to help our students be successful. The other favorite part of my job is talking with students and parents to find unique ways to support each individual student. This team approach between students, families, and teachers/staff really makes a difference for our students.

My personal experience with Michigan Connections Academy is that at our school I can create deeper relationships not only with students, but with their families. Biweekly calls allow our staff to get to know students and their whole families on a much deeper level.

"Michigan Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright future by teaching them the most essential skills they will need to know throughout their years here. In addition, students learn to manage their time, reach out to teachers for help when they need it, and work independently. These are all skills they will need for college and/or the workforce."

— Mrs. Roberts