David Boilore

David Boilore

Elementary Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Parks and Recreation, Michigan State University; Master of Arts, Educational Leadership, Marygrove College

Mr. Boilore has been teaching for nearly 20 years. He began teaching at Michigan Connections Academy in 2015 where he currently teaches fourth grade. Mr. Boilore shares more below.

Why I Became A Teacher

I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, but prior to teaching my experience had been nearly all sports-related, either as a coach or referee. I began substitute teaching and was quickly met with many requests to be a long-term sub, which I eagerly agreed to. That’s when I fell in love with teaching and working with kids daily.

The Online School Experience

What I love about teaching at Michigan Connections Academy is the freedom and flexibility I have with my students and teaching to each and every one of them. I get to have that one-on-one time with them. When it’s just the two of us in the LiveLesson® room, I can get to know them really well; I can find out what they like to do away from school and then I can use that information to engage them in their studies. When I can relate the learning that we are doing to the video game they like the most, or the sport they play, or the place they love to vacation, then I can make more powerful connections to our curriculum.

An education at Michigan Connections Academy is exactly like an education anywhere else, in the respect that the students will get out of it precisely what they put into it. Now, if they can work our program as it is designed, and if they have sufficient support at home from their Learning Coach, then our program helps to set them up for success in the respect that they are building a foundation of time-management skills, discipline, numerous computer skills, and independence.

My Interests

My greatest joy in life is that of being a dad. I have two teenage boys whom my world revolves around, and they do a very respectful job of keeping both my wife and I quite busy. I enjoy nearly all outdoor activities, with hunting, fishing, and shooting sports being at the very top of the list.

"There is no perfect system that will work for everyone every single time, but I truly believe that if a child and her or his parents follow our protocols, then they will emerge at the end with not only a high school diploma, but a leg up on the competition."

—  Mr. Boilore