Headshot of Allison Rose smiling

Allison Rose

Elementary School Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, Methodist University

Allison Rose started teaching in 2005 and joined Michigan Connections Academy in 2013, where she teaches students in third grade.

Why I Became A Teacher

I became a teacher because I’ve always enjoyed working with children. Nothing fills my heart more than seeing a student’s aha moment followed by excitement or pride in what they’re working on.

The most rewarding part of teaching here is collaborating with my colleagues. This helps me make sure I’m the best teacher I can be for my students. What I love most about teaching students online is getting to work with them and their families on a more individual basis. 

A huge part of student success at our school is caretaker involvement. If you can’t support your student’s learning at home by working alongside them, this might not be the program for you. But I promise, when families work together with their teachers, we see success year after year with students. 

“I like connecting with my students, giving them one-on-one attention and lots of feedback. They benefit from that.”

— Ms. Rose

The Online School Experience

I help my students feel engaged in our class by using webcams during our LiveLesson® sessions. Students have the option to turn them on and see other kids like them working together. They also get a chance to share on the microphone and talk with each other. Students who attend LiveLesson sessions are more likely to be successful in their courses. 

One of my favorite classroom activities is using Nearpod in the LiveLesson room. Students can draw their thoughts, type an answer, watch a video, collaborate, and play games together. Field trips are a wonderful way for families to connect with each other and their teachers. One of my favorites was going to LEGOLAND® and the SEA LIFE® aquarium.

Students at this school can take ownership of their learning. If they aren’t sure how to do that, their homeroom teacher will guide them. Students who need more support will get it. Those who are ready to keep moving forward can do so at their own pace. They don’t have to wait on other students to go to the next lesson. With hard work, each student can have a bright and successful future.

My Interests

I’m married with two active teenagers. We enjoy attending the activities they’re involved in, whether it’s sports or going to a choir event. They keep us busy, but we love every minute.