Josiah Desmyther


Josiah is a graduate of Michigan Connections Academy (MICA) from Chelsea, Michigan. His sister, Ellie attends MICA and his brother, Jeremiah, is also a graduate. With the help of his teachers at MICA, Josiah became a more enthusiastic learner. His mother shares his story below.

"Josiah excelled at MICA. His teachers sparked in him a new excitement for learning. The LiveLesson® sessions and one-on-one help sessions were also been really helpful. Josiah, whose favorite subject was math. Before coming to MICA, he was at a place where I wasn’t able to be of much help, but with the supportive teachers at MICA, he was able to keep moving ahead!

All of my children have an excitement in them for learning and doing their schoolwork, and I know most of it is because MICA made the learning experience fun and enjoyable. As a mom, it warms my heart to see my children thrive and enjoy what they are doing in school.

What I liked most about MICA was that the teachers were all really nice and would take extra time to help me when I had a hard time.

— Josiah

In the future, Josiah would like to be either a police officer or a lawyer.”

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