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Michigan Online Eighth Grade Curriculum

Preparing for high school is an important part of middle school education. Michigan Connections Academy online eighth grade classes are designed to aid students as they prepare for high school and master more complex subject material. With our online school, students gain the proficiency and confidence they need to excel at the next grade level.

Students also learn key concepts in science, such as examining matter at an atomic level, along with its chemical and physical properties. Our students continue to advance their reading and language proficiency as they read diverse texts that strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension. Students of our Michigan virtual school also prepare to advance in algebra in the eighth grade by solving linear equations.

Virtual school with Michigan Connections Academy provides students with a well-rounded education that builds their knowledge and confidence in each subject area. Our eighth grade curriculum includes core subject material as well as a variety of course options to accommodate different interests and learning styles.

Check out our eighth grade classes and course descriptions by selecting one of the options below. We work with students to personalize their learning and offer supportive services designed to help each student succeed. View our sample lessons and learn more about Connections Academy’s online school learning resources and curriculum for eighth grade.




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