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Michigan Online Seventh Grade Curriculum

Seventh grade at Michigan Connections Academy is about well-rounded learning and discovering relationships across subjects. Our online seventh grade courses encourage students to deepen their understanding of core courses including math, science, literature, and more. We help students learn topics thoroughly and take virtual school further by exploring how courses relate to one another and are connected.

Students gain in-depth knowledge of key subjects and receive the support they need to develop skills. They also read from a selection of genres, investigate interactions between living things, and solve math problems they can apply to real-world situations. These experiences help students expand their knowledge during their seventh grade experience with Michigan Connections Academy.

See how virtual school is an excellent alternative to traditional schooling in Michigan and how it can help your student grow. For available online school seventh grade classes in Michigan, choose an option to view course descriptions below. Students enjoy all the support they need to succeed in the seventh grade and prepare for the next level. We also have examples of our individualized learning approach through our sample lessons.

Some textbooks are available in online format only.

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