Ms. Hollod

Tra-My Hollod

English Teacher

Associate degree, Education, Northampton Community College; Bachelor’s degree, Secondary Education, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

A Better Experience as a Teacher

Ms. Hollod started teaching in 2011 and worked for more than 10 years at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. In 2022, she joined the faculty at Inspire Connections Academy. She immediately saw the advantages of online teaching. “I love to get to know my students,” Ms. Hollod says. “I enjoy check-in calls or ice breakers where I can learn about my students and who they are as individuals.”

She recognizes that for some students virtual learning is a much better fit than the brick-and-mortar experience. “I feel we are providing a safe and engaging educational environment for students who need something different than the traditional classroom setting,” Ms. Hollod explains. She finds it extremely rewarding to help “students overcome barriers and succeed in things that may have been challenging for them.”

“I love teaching online!”

—  Ms. Hollod

High Expectations for Her Students

“I became a teacher because students are our future,” Ms. Hollod says, and “we set high expectations for students.” Her responsibility – the responsibility of every teacher at Inspire Connections Academy – is to help them any way she can. “We work as a team,” she says, to help each student discover their individual strengths and understand what role they will ultimately play in the world. “Being part of a student’s journey,” Ms. Hollod says, “is rewarding and inspirational.”