Ruby Uhart

Ruby Uhart

Literacy Intervention Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Business Management, Oregon State University; Master of Arts, Elementary Education, Sierra Nevada College

Ms. Uhart knows exactly why she chose to become a teacher. “I discovered that my natural inclination is to guide [and] motivate,” she says. After initially focusing her education on a career in agricultural management, Ms. Uhart changed her professional path toward teaching, earning a master’s in elementary education in 2009. She expects to complete her doctorate in education in 2025.

“Nothing More Satisfying”

Ms. Uhart began her teaching career at brick-and-mortar schools, leading multi-age elementary classrooms. Her career in virtual education began as a substitute in 2019. She was “lucky enough to join the Inspire Connections Academy team” in the fall of 2021.

As a specialist in literacy intervention, Ms. Uhart understands the significance of her role and the impact she can have on a student’s overall education. She loves “watching a student experience the moment something makes sense… and seeing the joy in reading success.”

It’s not always easy. Each student – each person – faces a unique set of challenges. That’s why Ms. Uhart finds her job to be so incredibly rewarding. “I love helping students discover their strengths and push through their struggles,” she says. “There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have helped someone learn.”

“I love helping students discover their strengths and push through their struggles.”

—  Ms. Uhart

Riding, Running, Chasing

During her lessons, Ms. Uhart reports, it’s not uncommon for “students to hear about the many animals in my life.” On her family’s ranch, she raises beef cattle and owns chickens and dogs. When she’s not teaching, Ms. Uhart enjoys riding her two horses, as well as running to stay fit. These days, however, much of her personal time seems to be spent away from the ranch, “chasing my son around the state for his football and baseball games.”