Rose is a graduate of Inspire, the Idaho Connections Academy. She now lives in New York and has continued her online education through Washington State University's Global Campus, studying economics. At Inspire, Rose loved the ability to learn at her own pace. She wishes she had found Connections Academy sooner! She shares her story below:

Connections Academy worked well for me in multiple regards. After having a difficult time in my local public school, [I found that] the online school program allowed me to focus on my studies and passions on a schedule that worked best for me. I was even able to take courses on my college campus while still in high school, which I would not have been able to do if I had attended a different school!

I quite liked all my courses and the relationships I was able to build with my teachers, but my favorite class was probably statistics. I love math and numbers, but it is easy [for me] to feel discouraged if I am struggling with a particular concept. However, with Inspire, the layout of the course and materials given made it easy to tell where I went wrong, and asking for help and scheduling a one-on-one session was never something to feel ashamed of.

"My favorite thing about Connections Academy was the opportunities I was given! In no other school would I be able to wake up, do my lessons, schedule a one-on-one lesson with my math teacher to go over test questions, and do a photo shoot all before 3:00 p.m.!"

— Rose

I had a great relationship with my teachers! I would say that it was much better than relationships that I had with teachers at bricks-and-mortar schools, as there was always a lot of communication back and forth, which made it easy to build a strong rapport!

During my senior year, my family built a house. While [we were] planning, building, and eventually moving into it, online school made helping my family with all the construction projects much easier! In addition, I signed to a modeling agency! Being able to plan my lessons around my dual construction–photo shoot schedule was an absolute lifesaver for me! I’m an early riser, so I would get started first thing after breakfast. I loved being able to start my lessons before everyone else was up in the morning!

With Advanced Opportunities, I was able to take courses on the Idaho State University campus while still a high school student. I was able to take two film courses and two intermediate Japanese courses. My previous school would not allow me to do that, as it would interfere with my class schedule, so the transition to Connections Academy was beneficial to me in multiple ways.

Through Connections Academy, I was able to get the most out of my education while still pursuing my extracurricular activities!”

Rose on a modeling photo shoot