Gregory is a 2013 graduate of Inspire, the Idaho Connections Academy. He lives in Meridian, Idaho. Gregory greatly benefited from his helpful and caring teachers at Inspire. Learn more about his story below.

For Gregory, Inspire was a big change, but a very positive one. He has a learning disability called dysgraphia. It makes writing by hand very difficult, but with Connections Academy, most of his work was done with a computer. This made school much easier for him. He says, 'I loved Inspire because I could work when it was convenient for me, not when I was expected to. What I liked most was all the help I got from my teachers, especially Mr. Wagner. He set aside time for me each week, and helped me in the areas of school that were difficult for me. I felt like the teachers really cared about me personally.

As far as his future ambitions, he states, "I would like to be a chef and own my own restaurant, where I can cook unique foods and try a lot of different things. I also want to continue to learn American Sign Language and help the deaf."

"I loved Inspire because I can work when it was convenient for me, not when I was expected to."

— Gregory

Gregory playing bass guitar