Elementary Student

Connor is an elementary school student at Inspire, the Idaho Connections Academy. He lives in Boise, Idaho, with his family. Connor attends Inspire along with his siblings, Logan and Caitlyn. He enjoys attending school from home. Logan’s mom shares his story below:

"My children love being able to learn from home. They are part of the gifted and talented program and can learn at their own pace. We love how the Inspire program requires active involvement and accountability between the teacher, the Learning Coach, and the student. Anytime we need help or have concerns, we get a response that same day by phone or email.

My son Connor enjoys participating in the LiveLession® sessions and watching all the online videos, especially the BrainPop series. Connor’s favorite subjects are social studies and art!"

"I love all the online videos, especially the BrainPop series."

— Connor