Cindy Hillman

Cindy Hillman

Learning Coach

Cindy Hillman is the parent and Learning Coach of two students enrolled in Inspire, the Idaho Connections Academy. The Hillmans chose Inspire because it is accredited and offers their children a great alternative K-12 public school education.

"Inspire allows us to do school on our own schedule. My husband is self-employed, and we love being able to alter our school schedule a little when we have something come up and are able to spend more time together. When our children find a topic they are interested in, we love being able to dive a little deeper into it. As a parent, I love being able to know exactly how my children are doing in school and what they are learning about.

We love all the stories and videos that are available in the lessons. My children really look forward to the BrainPOP videos, and you can always find us dancing to the music introduction. My daughter looks forward to all of the science experiments and art projects! My son loves the science and math videos and looks forward to the learning games!

"Inspire Connections Academy provides the flexibility, involvement and commitment to our children that our family looked for and we couldn't be happier!"

— Cindy

To help us stay connected to friends, we try to attend as many Inspire field trips as we can. The teachers always plan such fun field trips that we always look forward to. This year, we also participated in the Math Club. We thoroughly enjoyed each session! Both of our kids met new friends and have kept in touch though the school WebMail system.

The teachers at Inspire are amazing and committed to helping students succeed! They are always available by phone or email, and they are quick to respond when we leave a message. When one of our children needed additional help with reading, the teacher spent extra time to make sure we found success."

The Hillman family