Looking for more scheduling flexibility to balance dance with school, Inspire Connections Academy graduate Barry Gans decided to switch to online learning. During his time at Inspire, he developed meaningful relationships with his supportive teachers. Barry shares more about his experience with the school below.

“I became interested in Inspire when I decided that I wanted to transfer to a different kind of school. Since I was used to a traditional public school and the way it was set up, I was looking for a learning program that would allow me to take courses online while still being able to have hands-on teachers.

What worked well for me at Inspire was the portability of the program mixed with the ability to have frequent contact with the faculty. My favorite subjects were consumer math and English because I loved both the material and the teachers. I was always really responsive with my teachers and found that they were my greatest assets in most of my classes. Some of my favorite teachers throughout my primary and secondary schooling where through Inspire.

"What I liked most about Inspire was the teachers. Every teacher was extremely invested in my education and well-being, and I believe they were my biggest asset to achieving success in school."

— Barry

As a professional dancer, I had a very hectic schedule from traveling to late night rehearsals, so it was important for me to find a schooling system that could fit into my schedule—Inspire did that beautifully. I was also able to see my friends at dance quite a lot, which was wonderful."

Barry is currently attending The Julliard School of performing arts, where he was one of only eleven students selected nationwide.

Image of Barry Gans