Image of Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller

Eighth Grade Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Middle Grades Education, Emmanuel College; M.S. in Science Education, University of Georgia

Ms. Miller’s love of teaching didn’t begin in the classroom. It began in a pool – teaching swimming to toddlers, adults, and everyone in between. “It sparked a passion inside of me,” she says. “I loved helping others grow and reach their goals.” Since becoming a professional educator in 2007, she has taught with that same passion. “It brings me so much joy to see students excited about learning.” Ms. Miller has been a member of the Georgia Connections Academy faculty since 2021.

Impossible? It Only Seems To Be

As a teacher at Georgia Connections Academy, Ms. Miller is incredibly appreciative of how much of a difference she can make. “I have had the privilege of positively impacting the lives of many students,” she says. “They have done the same for me.”

One of Ms. Miller’s favorite classroom activities is called, simply, The Challenge: “Cut a hole in a regular sheet of paper big enough that you can walk through. No, you cannot tape it together.” She enjoys the challenge because it teaches students one of life’s most valuable lessons. “The point,” she explains, “is not to give up even when things seem impossible.”

(Yes, there is a real answer to The Challenge.)

Teachers Teaching

Outside of school, Ms. Miller continues to teach – a self-defense class for women. She is married to another teacher, who also teaches eighth grade at Georgia Connections Academy!

Ms. Miller and her husband have two daughters and “love to go on family adventures.”