Image of Brazilia Page

Brazilia Page

Executive Director

BA, Biology and Chemistry, Howard University; Specialist in Education, Educational Leadership, Columbus State University; Master of Education, Fordham University

Brazilia Page is the executive director of Georgia Connections Academy (GACA). She brings a wealth of experience to her role and shares her background below:

“I have had the privilege to serve as an educator and instructional leader for over 15 years,” said Ms. Page. “I began my career teaching biology, physical science, and chemistry. My love for learning and teaching has afforded me the opportunity to engage students in many settings from brick-and-mortar schools to magnet programs, youth community summer programs, and virtual learning online. I am fortunate to be an inaugural member of Georgia Connections Academy’s faculty and staff,” she said. “As a result, my perspective and understanding of the families we serve is rooted in the various positions I have held at GACA, including middle school science teacher, high school science teacher, high school assistant principal, lead principal, and currently as the executive director.

Georgia Connections Academy is not just a school. It is a community of learners, educators, advocates, and pioneers. We have the most innovative, collaborative, and dedicated staff and faculty I have had the privilege to work with. Our values are cemented in the belief that ‘All students can and must learn.’ Essentially, this is the reason Georgia Connections Academy exists. We operate under this notion with the understanding that not every student learns the same way. Ultimately, that is the magic of GACA. I have worked here for eight years and have seen how GACA has changed not only students’ lives but the lives of the families that support them. It is an honor to partner with parents, learning coaches, and students to ensure academic success. I believe that ‘isolation is the enemy of innovation,’ and that’s why GACA ensures parents and/or Learning Coaches are a part of the educational journey rather than an observer of it.

I am excited to continue the journey with GACA as the executive director. It is my goal that we continue to be a place for students and families to grow and achieve their dreams.”