Image of David Levin

David Levin

Lead Counselor

BA, criminal justice and Psychology, Indiana University; MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Central Florida; MEd, School Counseling, Georgia State University

David Levin is the lead counselor at Georgia Connections Academy (GACA). He began his career as a counselor in 1996, and joined Connections Academy in 2012. Mr. Levin shares his story below.

“I currently counsel high school students in grades 9-12. While my background is in mental health and psychology, I was consistently noticing that many of my students’ challenges were just being amplified at their local school. I wanted to shift my helping skills to the school system where I felt they were needed most. My overarching goal as school counselor is to remove barriers to learning.

I would tell a prospective parent that we are the ‘real deal’ because our courses are rigorous and in-depth. I also want parents to know the integral role they play in bridging our curriculum and school work with the home environment, and the importance of motivating their student.

I love counseling at GACA because I feel like I am working at a school that is actually hearing and responding to the unique needs of the students. Rather than a one-size fits all approach, GACA has the flexibility to be prescriptive and genuinely student-centered. The virtual environment can truly enhance learning for students that are eager for the experience. As a counselor, I am able to focus my attention on the students that need it most with the help of the data driven metrics that the system provides. Whether I am working with a student one-on-one, conducting a virtual small group help session, or visiting with students at an in-person event, the online platform allows me to adapt and modify supportive services in order to better help students and families.”